Dynamic Minds Academy is a school that offers students on the autism spectrum an optimal learning environment specifically designed to meet diverse sensory needs, multiple modes of learning and is structured to support students in both group and independent work.

Our students enjoy 3:1 instructional support in the classroom provided by highly qualified licensed educators specially trained to support students with autism. Our unique co-location with a therapy provider ensures students receive behavioral support from skilled clinicians utilizing a unique approach to ABA therapy.

DMA’s education program combines traditional small group instruction based on Indiana State Standards with supplementary onsite computer-based curriculum to provide a truly individualized learning program. Orton-Gillingham reading interventions are provided to students at all grade levels.

Innovative Education for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Dynamic Minds Academy is free public charter school that serves K-12 students on the autism spectrum. The DMA model is the first in Indiana to fully integrate modern therapeutic practice with accredited public education.

Our school provides an innovative choice for parents of students with autism who desire a 48-week academic year and access to a public school education that is efficiently and effectively integrated with modern therapeutic services for their children.

While a school-based placement is appropriate for some students with autism, a therapy-based placement is appropriate for others and DMA takes the guess-work out of the equation, as parents no longer have to choose between behaviorally-appropriate therapies and public education. Dynamic Minds Academy is designed in partnership with a co-locating therapy provider to offer students with autism evidence-based practices for personal growth within an optimal learning environment.

What our Families Say about DMA!

What a RELIEF to find DMA!! The small class size, one on one support, attention to environment for optimal performance, and knowledge of how to handle my son's behaviors have changed our lives. I'm so grateful that he has a place to THRIVE, to be loved and understood...even celebrated while still being challenged academically. I love that his teachers hold him accountable to perform at his level of intelligence without the pressure or cookie cutter expectations of a typical school!! My son loves DMA and is thriving in this environment.

Kristin Cary
Parent of 16 year old student

What our Families Say about DMA!

I am grateful for The Hope Source and Dynamic Minds Academy. I am so happy that my son can attend here for his therapies and schooling. That something like this exists for children with his needs makes my heart so happy! He is happy, thriving, loves to go and is well looked after. His therapists, guides, teachers, etc.. take such wonderful care of him and it is a relief on my heart to not worry for his safety, to not worry about him falling through the cracks and to see him really shine there! I wish I could hug each and every one of them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Catherine B
Parent of a Little

What our Families Say about DMA!

I visited and toured DMA two times before I made the decision to enroll my daughter. I was unsure about the therapeutic environment and the untraditional school setting. The commute felt impossible. But, each time I visited I felt very connected and I was listened to by the staff. I appreciated that the administration didn't change. I would get periodic, check in, emails from the staff. Public school became increasingly more difficult for my daughter. I embarked on a massive IEP learning curve with hired an advocate and eventually an attorney. Then, my 2nd grade daughter reached crisis level. She started using aggression to avoid school, making herself sick to be picked up, and then there was an altercation with a school resource officer due to her IEP not being adequate. I was terrified and livid of the impact of that situation. I was exhausted by the situation. She broke down and told me "I can't do it. I can't follow the rules. I try and just I get in trouble. The teachers hate me. I hate it." It was reality laid out in front of me. Public school was never going to see her as more than a behavior problem. The district was never going to able to meet my expectations. Our district is just not advanced enough and my daughter was the victim. I decided that we needed peace. I enrolled her in DMA. She loves DMA. She tells me she wants to go to school at DMA forever. I have peace when I drop her off that she is supported and seen as a valuable member of the class. I drive two hours a day for her to attend and I do I happily. Peace and her happiness is more worthwhile.

Parent of a Little

What our Families Say about DMA!

We love Dynamic Minds Academy/The Hope Source! The change in my kids is immeasurable! For the first time in their school careers they look forward to going to school! They feel comfortable there and say they no longer have to try to be someone other than themselves. Best decision I ever made for my kids schooling!!

Parent of 4 Bigs students
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